Publisher: Nintendo No. of Players: 1 Player
Release Date: November 22, 2012 Price: $8.99
3D Display: Yes Category: Puzzle, Action

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One day,a  girl in a remarkable Bird Balloon drifted by overhead. Mallo wondered who she was and set out to say hello...

What is Crashmo? Crashmo is a game in which you pull and push blocks--sometimes making them fall--so you can climb them and reach the goal.


  • Mallo is strong and kind. Hefs a little careless, but he always helps people in trouble.
  • Papa Blox loves to create Crashmo for people from all over the land to enjoy.
  • Poppy is the girl who came along in the Bird Balloon held aloft by her carrier birds. She is Papa Bloxhs grandniece.
  • As Papa Bloxfs apprentice, Corin helps to create Crashmo. He used to be a mischievous troublemaker.